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Honky Toasts NEW SONG!!!!

Here's the scoop...



In this column I'll include any breaking news, such as information on upcoming releases or tours.

Here's an example of the format I might use for the entries on this page:

Band's Song Appears in Dawson's Creek Episode
Posted 1/1/00

The song "Sad Eyes" was played last night over the closing credits on "Dawson's Creek." It fit the plot perfectly, and it was great to hear a favorite song unexpectedly.

Contributed by John


Eric J Toast was accused of being part of the child milestations with Michael Jackson
Eric J Toast was arrested today along with his long tim friend and buttbuddy Michael Jackson. He is goin to be charged for illegal child pornography, and for racism toward the WHITE cop that arrested him. Well Eric, look where a skin died honky can get ya. Whatcha gonna do now Honky?
Eric J Toast's girlfriend of two years was caught sleeping with E.Z. Bake, forcing the band to go its separate ways. Plus she says that Eric J wasn't good in the "toast" and wasn't with his "toast", and thats why she did it. Hard feelings were between Toast and Bake. They are actually thinkin about putting there toast behind them and starting the band Honky Toast up again. "I just want to rock like the honky i am" Said Toast at the VMAs
(He actually talks about his girlfriend in the song you are hearing right now. Her name is Lainy Peterdickson.)

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!